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Logo design, photography, presentations, print collateral, websites and more.

Photo from a  video shoot  for  AVANTS  Seattle, my dad (right) and me (left).

Photo from a video shoot for AVANTS Seattle, my dad (right) and me (left).


Andrew Damen

I majored in Visual Communication Design at the University of Washington and always knew that I wanted to be a designer. I liked photography from an early age and was often told that I had "the eye". After many freelance projects in college and a few years as lead designer at Studio N by Nordstrom, I found my dream job at Slalom. I am now doing design and creative for Partner Marketing

I balance my day job with other freelance design work such as logo design, websites, presentations, and print collateral. When I'm not working, I spend time with my wife and cats, my friends and family, and the local car community. I am kinda car crazy, especially about my BMWs, which I take with me to local AVANTS events. 

My creative approach—no matter the medium—is to understand and translate complicated ideas and concepts into simple and clean visuals. I am all about creating a strong visual hierarchy that allows the reader to understand the concept quickly and easily. I work well with most people and enjoy the friendship that comes along with good business.

I am a life long learner and thrive off of feedback and collaboration. Ultimately, I am most satisfied when I know that I have done the best job that I can possibly do, while impressing the client along the way. 





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